Keywords: wheel, tyre

Sign Definition

General Definition

1. A single large round circular object (or a pair of large round circular objects) such as a wheel, or the outside surfaces of such objects, such as the rim of a wheel, or a tyre that goes around the outside of a wheel.

As a Noun

1. A circular object which turns round on a rod attached to its centre. It is fixed underneath things such as cars, bicycles, and trains, so that they can move along. English = wheel.
2. A thick ring of rubber which is fitted round each wheel of a vehicle such as a car or bicycle, and which is usually filled with air. English = tyre.

Augmented Meaning

1. You can mean smaller or larger objects (or wheels or tyres) by making the circlular paths smaller and/or placing them lower in the signing space.


1. To narrow down the meaning to WHEEL or TYRE, most signers would precede this sign with the other sign for WHEEL found in Signbank and use the sign shown here to specify the number, size or location of the wheels or tyres.