Keywords: well (gesture), umm, err, yeah

Sign Definition


1. Used alone when you mean what you are about to say is easily understood or easy for anyone to agree with given the context, or that it is easy to understand or agree with what the person you have been talking to has said given the context. English = 'Well...', 'Well, there you are...', 'Well, there you go...', 'That's all there is to it...', 'That's it...', 'Yeah...', 'Yep...', 'Yep, of course...', and so on.
2. Used alone when you are hesitating, usually because you have not decided what to say next. It also means you don't mind if the person you are talking to interrupts or takes over. English = 'Well...', 'Umm...', 'Err...', and so on.