Keywords: health, well (healthy), healthy, How are you

Sign Definition

Definition in Auslan

As a Noun

1. The state in which you are fit and well and not ill. English = health.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To be not suffering from any illness. English = (be) well, (be) healthy.


1. Used alone with a questioning look to greet someone. English = 'How are you?'
2. Used alone in response to someone's greeting. English = 'Fine, thanks!', 'I'm well...'

As Modifier

1. Often used before or after verb (action) signs to mean that the action was performed correctly or with great skill as a direct translation of the English adverb 'well'.
2. Widely used in this sense though it is resisted by many native signers who prefer to use a form of the sign 'good' in this sense.