Keywords: eagerness, enthusiasm, zeal, anticipation, motivation, incentive, eager, keen, enthusiastic, anticipate, motivated, motivate

Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. The desire to do something very much or the display of the feeling of being excited about doing something or liking something very much. English = eagerness, enthusiasm, zeal.
2. Great enthusiasm, especially in connection to work, religion or politics. English = zeal.
3. The feeling of looking forward to some pleasant or exciting event. English = anticipation.
4. The eagerness, desire and intention to do something. English = motivation.
5. Something that encourages you to do something. English = incentive.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To want to do something very much or like it very much, and show this in an excited way. English = (be) eager, (be) keen, (be) enthusiastic.
2. To look forward to something pleasant or exciting happening with pleasure. English = anticipate.
3. To have the desire and willingness to do something; to make other people want to do something. English = (be) motivated; motivate.


1. Used alone to tell your addressee or addressees how excited you are to be about to do something. English = 'Yummy!', 'Let's go!', 'Good!', 'Great!'