Keywords: spinning, top (toy), blender, liquidiser, spin dryer, spin drier, spin, blend, spin dry, cyclone, tornado

Sign Definition

General Definition

1. Of any two things (real or imaginary, concrete or abstract), for both to go around or circle each other, or any action or any thing directly or indirectly associated with this, especially a child's top, a blender, a spin-drier, or a cyclone.

As a Noun

1. The action of turning quickly around a central point. English = spinning.
2. A cone-shaped child's toy that can spin on its pointed end. English = top.
3. A machine used in the kitchen for mixing liquids and soft foods together at high speed. English = blender, liquidiser.
4. A machine that is used to spin washing to get the water out. English = spin dryer, spin drier.
5. A violent storm in which air circulates rapidly in a clockwise direction. It moves very quickly and can cause a lot of damage. English = cyclone, tornado.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To turn quickly around a central point. English = spin.
2. To spin a cone-shaped child's toy, called a top.
3. To mix liquids and soft foods together using a special high speed mixing machine. English = blend.
4. To dry something by spinning it in a spin dryer. English = spin dry.