Keywords: journey, wander, cyclone, tornado, flirt, court (romance)

Sign Definition

General Definition

1. Of any two things, for one or both to go around or circle the other as both of them, as a unit, move in some direction. With a neutral production, the sign is often used to describe a journey or travelling about which is relaxed, if not aimless.

Augmented Meaning

1. Especially if performed quickly with a sucking in of air, this sign can be used to refer to a violent storm in which air circulates rapidly in a clockwise direction. It moves very quickly and can cause a lot of damage. English = cyclone, tornado.
2. Especially slowly with a playful expression, this sign can be used for devoting your attention to someone by following them around, being close to them and engaging them in conversation and play, because you are attracted to them. English = flirt. Archaic English = court.