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Sign Definition

Definition in Auslan

As a Noun

1. Joining in or taking part in some activity. English = participation.
2. A person who takes part in some activity. English = participant.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To join in or take part in some activity. English = participate.


1. This sign is used only by some signers. It is borrowed from American Sign Language and it is an initialized sign (that means a sign that adds a fingerspelling letter into another sign that already exists). In this case, the already existing sign means "involve/include" (use the keyword search above to find this sign) and has been changed to include on the right hand the letter 'p' handshape from the one-handed alphabet (see the fingerspelling page of this site to see examples of one- and two-handed fingerspelling). P is the first letter of the English word "participate" which is related in meaning to the Auslan sign meaning "involve/include". Of course, you can use the sign "involve" to mean "participate" instead of this sign.